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Marisa Tellez was born in Los Angeles, California to Mexican American parents. She grew up in Rosemead, a suburb in the San Gabriel Valley, where she attended school and majored in English until graduating high school at the age of 17. READ MORE


ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL is now available on, Amazon Europe and Amazon Japan!

Rock and Roll High School is a coming of age story about a valley girl named Marisa Tellez. Bored with life in the valley, she discovers the glam rock music scene on the Sunset Strip during it's most promiscuous reign in the 1980's.

Taken from the pages of her personal journals, Marisa describes what life was life as a teenage girl during one of Hollywood's most decadent and debaucherous decades. 

Take a walk with Marisa and her friends down Sunset Blvd as she recalls what it was like being a teenager, battling through the perils of stalkers, cheating boyfriends, groupies, suicide, emancipation, arrests and debauchery during the decade of decadence.