Q: I was a regular on the Sunset Strip in the 80s and some of the headlining bands mentioned in your books never existed.

A: There are notations at the beginning of both books that state I’ve changed certain names and identifying details. I did this for specific bands and individuals to protect their privacy.

Q: Where can I buy your books?

A: Thank you for your support! Both of my books are available on paperback and Kindle through Amazon in most countries. Go to your regional Amazon website and search my name.

Q: Why was the first book left with a cliffhanger? I want to know what happened!

A: The book was left with a cliffhanger because I knew there would be a sequel. Walking Contradiction was released in August of 2014.

Q: Are you doing any book signings?

A: For information involving my books and appearances please subscribe to the Mailing List on my Contact page.

Q: How are your books different from others published about the Sunset Strip?

A: I was never a groupie. My books tell a coming of age story. I was a teenage music fan who came to Hollywood to meet people, listen to music and be part of the scene. My daily journals documented those adventurous years and became Rock and Roll High School.