It’s the early 90s. Grunge is in. The Sunset Strip music scene that Marisa Tellez grew up in has now become a ghost town.

After recovering from the death of her father and several of her Hollywood friends, Marisa finds herself at a crossroads just before her 30th birthday. Should she be looking for a husband? A house in the suburbs? Can she set her biological clock to snooze?

In an attempt to turn things around, Marisa jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime. She dives into the world of entertainment, landing jobs on some of the hottest shows on television.

While Marisa maintains a successful career in television, she has no life outside of her work. The years are flying by and there are several loose ends from her days on the Sunset Strip that continue to haunt her. But before she can bat her fake eyelashes, she finds herself single and on the verge of turning the dreaded 40.

In this amusing sequel to Rock and Roll High School, Marisa gives you an all-access pass into the world of television. Follow her behind the scenes as she dishes the dirt on some of your favorite shows; while struggling to make amends with her past, find love and stay youthful in a town that thrives only on the young.